White Fitted Wardrobes

White Fitted Wardrobes

White fitted wardrobes are a statement. They have never truly been out of fashion. Homeowners in the UK have found them aesthetically pleasing with their grand and imposing presence. And for good.

White fitted wardrobes have been globally recognized as a style statement. They are also a means to conveniently and efficiently store all your clothes, belts, accessories, shoes, and more.

Let’s find out more about white fitted wardrobes.


White Fitted Wardrobes

Why choose white fitted wardrobes?

White wardrobes are also good for your sleep space. The colour white goes with everything. It is so light that it does not take over the space or create any conflicts. And most importantly, white is timeless. It will never age. It will outlast the rest of your furniture given you get a high-quality white fitted wardrobe made by a professional seller.

Glossy white fitted wardrobes are also great for adding a touch of luxury to your room. They transform any place into a more dazzling and captivating one. It’s hard not to be pulled and consequently moved by any such display of grandeur.

White fitted wardrobes ideas

There are many ways you can set up and install a white built-in wardrobe in your home. Some ideas include:

  • Contemporary wardrobes are set into the wall, with the insides also completely white for a seamless look. Without many decorations, you can see that this type of design will blend
  • White fitted wardrobes can also be built with shaker doors to fit into alcove spaces. They can also utilize corners, giving a fresh look to the wall/corner while adding utility.
  • Do you have a little more space left and don’t really want to overextend the wardrobe? Go with a desk connected to the side of the built in wardrobe. Obviously, you will keep the desk the same colour and material as the wardrobe, not to mention any accents such as handles will also be the same.
  • A typical white fitted wardrobe with large drawers at the bottom and doors at the top, let’s say in a 1:2 ratio, can be a great storage unit in your home.

Almost all types of white fitted wardrobes can be built with as many compartments and drawers as you want. Lights as also easy to install, though we recommend warm-toned LED hanging lights as compared to fixed white lights, purely for aesthetics. The way a warm yellow interacts with a glossy or normal white wardrobe’s inside is simply stunning.


White Fitted Wardrobes

White fitted wardrobes cost

Fitted wardrobes generally cost between £2500 and £3500. White fitted wardrobes also usually cost within this range. However, the final cost ultimately depends on the size of the wardrobe and the complexity of the project. Here is our guide on Fitted Wardrobe Prices.

A professional team that will do a good job at making and installing a durable and high-quality white fitted wardrobe can charge up to £4000 for the service for a big wardrobe. We keep things on the lower end. With us, you are looking at a professional service and good build quality well within £3000 – and remarkably lower than that for smaller projects.

White gloss fitted wardrobes can cost more.

Apart from the size, quality, and materials, the number of additional fittings also increases the cost. This includes any shelves, shoe racks, and lighting. Carpenter’s labour cost is usually £200-250.

White fitted wardrobes – FAQs

We often get a lot of questions regarding white fitted wardrobes. Here, we will answer some of those.

Is a white fitted wardrobe good for my home?

White fitted wardrobes come in a huge variety of designs. Their streamlined finish and the white colour specifically ensure that they are suitable for any type of home.

What can I add to a white fitted wardrobe?

White fitted wardrobes keep your home tidy and well-organised. They also eliminate the nuisance of gaps and awkward ledges. But perhaps the most important feature of a white fitted wardrobe is its scalability. It can be scaled up to include a large number of features such as a shoe rack, longer rails, or extra shelves.


White Fitted Wardrobes

Types of white fitted wardrobes

There are four major types of white fitted wardrobes.

  1. Standard white fitted wardrobes come with three doors. This average wardrobe has hinged doors opening outward like any typical wardrobe. There will be a varying number of compartments depending on the internal units you choose.
  2. Sliding-door white fitted wardrobes are a little rarer. They are good especially if you have limited space. Just like any sliding door, the doors in this type of fitted wardrobe move by sliding on a runner instead of with hinges.
  3. Extra-wide white fitted wardrobes are usually 6-door wardrobes costing nearly £4500-5000. They are good for large rooms. Walk-in wardrobes need to be in this type/style. This form factor is great when you have plenty of space and a higher budget.
  4. Custom white fitted wardrobes are often 2-section wardrobes tailor-made for your space. These are bespoke creations adapted for a space within your home that you give the measurements of. A custom-built wardrobe can be in any shape (as long as economically and practically feasible). They can just slot into any unused space, including wonky walls and sloped ceilings.

There are many more types if you consider the type of material. Commonly used materials include MDF, glass, metal, and wood. Door styles are also a consideration. They can range from plain, grooved, or panelled to mirrored, handle-less, or with windows.

Any seller worth their salt will provide with you all the options along with recommendations for your particular case. This allows you to choose what is best for your home.


White Fitted Wardrobes

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