Grey Fitted Wardrobes

Grey Fitted Wardrobes

Grey is a popular colour. For wardrobes, too, it lends a uniquely premium and rustic look. Grey wardrobes also are very neutral – not conflicting with the rest of your room. They also don’t fight for attention with other colours including white. This seamless blending and versatility make grey one of the best options when it comes to choosing a colour for your wardrobe.


Grey Fitted Wardrobes

Grey is neutral, sober, and imposing. If you are looking for these qualities within your bedroom then there is simply nothing better than going for a grey fitted wardrobe.

A grand grey fitted wardrobe is going to be an absolutely stunning addition to any room in your home. Fitted wardrobes are not only convenient but also make for very space-efficient storage units. No wastage of space in terms of awkward gaps and ledges – fitted wardrobes are just like a part of your home.

And a grey fitted wardrobe is simply one of the best options when it comes to choosing colours or patterns.


Grey Fitted Wardrobes

Why choose grey fitted wardrobes?

Grey fitted wardrobes have many benefits over many other colours and patterns of fitted wardrobes. Here are some reasons to choose grey fitted wardrobes:

  1. Light grey shades make your room appear more voluminous. This happens because such a shade would reflect more light. This, in turn, makes your room feel larger than it is. Ask any interior designer about the colour’s space-enlarging qualities and they will concur.
  2. Grey fitted wardrobes will accumulate dirt without losing their aesthetic appeal. This is a serious advantage over white wardrobes. You will have a much easier time maintaining a grey wardrobe than a white one, for example.
  3. Darker colours can be pretty uninviting to some. Grey is a perfect balance: not too bright nor too dark.
  4. Grey has the power to become the centre of attraction in any room. When it contrasts with a lighter colour such as off-white or white or even darker colour, it reserves the authority to be the centrepiece of attention.
  5. Grey goes with a large number of colours. As such, you will have an easier time choosing from a significantly larger pool of accessories including lighting and handles.
  6. Grey works best with … grey! Different shades of grey can be used to build stunning contrast in any room. For example, darker outer panels paired with lighter inner panels, or lighter outer panels paired with darker borders will make the wardrobe look aesthetically very pleasing.

Grey Fitted Wardrobes

Grey fitted wardrobes ideas

Here are some grey fitted wardrobe ideas you can try:

  • Contemporary large grey fitted wardrobes are good for covering larger walls and areas. Not suitable for alcoves, these provide a wall-like and minimalist effect. You can further accentuate them with odd-shaped/slanted doors, alternating dark-light grey panels, or just creating a sharp contrast by using a dark grey on a white wall.
  • Grey shaker wardrobes are always in vogue. These look well-styled, modern, and large.
  • Traditional grey wardrobes are also shaker style but can include tong and groove effect for that classic appeal.

Grey fitted wardrobes cost

Grey fitted wardrobes will run you up from £2500 on the low end to £3500 on the higher end. Generally, they fall in the same category as the majority of other fitted wardrobes barring perhaps white ones.

The room’s internal dynamics decide the ultimate cost you will be paying for installing a grey fitted wardrobe. For example, the wardrobe’s dimensions and the material will decide the ballpark figure you will be spending. Additional customizations such as covering difficult areas or difficult cuts also increase project complexity and price.

Additional fittings also affect the cost. The more internal compartments and shelves you have, the more the fitted wardrobe cost. Fittings also include any rails and lighting – among other things.

Grey fitted wardrobes – FAQs

Here are answers to some questions you might have regarding grey fitted wardrobes.

What material should my grey fitted wardrobe be?

We mostly recommend MDF but it has negative environmental effects. If you choose MDF, make sure that you only with a professional provider so that the build quality is high. MDF, naturally, resists humidity and weather extremes better than wood – but having a good build is also necessary to ensure that it lasts long.

Can I have grey fitted wardrobes over bed?

Absolutely! Grey fitted wardrobes will have the same benefits regardless of where they are used. They could be used over a bed, to accentuate an alcove, to better utilize a corner or empty space, or to just cover a vast area of the wall.

Are grey oak fitted wardrobes good?

Oak wardrobes in general come with their downsides. Wood has remarkably poorer humidity- and weather resistance than synthetic panels such as MDF.

Also, using oak will be significantly more costly. Wood is pricier in general plus a lot of it is wasted during processing for panels. Oak has its benefits as well, so if you are sure about it, then by all means go for it. Wood is mainly recommended in homes not affected by humidity – if your rooms lack mildew, mould, and dampness then you are in the clear.

What are some good grey shades?

Light grey and dark grey? Who are we, peasants? Here are some exact shades that are really, really nice.

  • Cashmere grey – Works well with truffle brown accents
  • Charcoal grey – Works well with other shades of grey.
  • Slate grey – Works well with sage and deep magenta.
  • White smoke – Works well with inky blues and jet black.
  • Gunmetal and ash grey – Works well with turmeric and pale yellow shades, even off-white, white, and lighter greys.

Grey Fitted Wardrobes

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