Fitted Wardrobes Services FAQ

Fitted Wardrobes Services

You may have some questions about our Fitted Wardrobe Services. That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about fitted wardrobes and the correct answers to them. Please feel free to take a look.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

FAQs Relating to Prices and Cost

  • Why Should I Choose You?

The London Fitted Wardrobes is the company to choose for the installation of your fitted wardrobes because amongst other things, we treat every customer uniquely. We understand that your furniture needs are going to be different from that of another customer and so we listen to you to make sure that what we deliver is exactly what you requested and not a standard fit all installation.

Our lines are always open and we have core values of honesty, reliability, and being genuinely helpful. When you come to us, we carefully listen to your requirements and give you helpful suggestions to make sure your project turns out highly satisfying. Our services are also highly affordable and fast, plus we use the best materials to make your wardrobes. We don’t believe in delaying or making you fret before we come over. We deliver as promised at the time we promise.

  • Why are fitted wardrobes somewhat costly to make?

Depending on the kind of design you want and the process it’ll take to deliver your specifications, fitted wardrobes can sometimes come off as costly. But when you consider the benefits of installing one, you’ll realize that you’re saving yourself a lot of money, time, and energy from dealing with a wardrobe whose design you dislike, or which takes too much space in your home.

The value that we give to you comes at a price and all things considered, a reasonable price too when you take into account the joy of owning a durable wardrobe that you love.

  • Any discount on your fitted wardrobe services?

Sure, we do provide seasonal discounts throughout the year and some super discounts when we manage to buy bulk material at a discounted rate. Give us a call and our team will guide you on what discounts we have available at present. 

  • Is it cheaper for me to do a DIY wardrobe instead of calling a professional?

DIY for custom wardrobes is never cheaper than using professional services except you’re an accomplished DIY-er.

In our experience, many people who attempt to DIY their wardrobe end up regretting it because they have spent a lot of money, time, and energy, and still haven’t got what they want. Instead of going down that path, we advise you to call us in for your fitted wardrobes and you’ll be happy to save so much money, time, and energy.

  • What would be the price to install a custom made fitted wardrobe?

There are different prices for custom wardrobes depending on your design and other specifications. Please use our quote request form to find out how much it’ll cost to install your wardrobe.

  • Do you charge for a design visit to my property?

Design visits are completely free!

  • Are they any extra or hidden charges that I need to be aware of when using your fitted wardrobe services?

Not at all. Our quotes are transparent and you will not be asked to later pay for anything that you didn’t agree to pay for.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

FAQs Relating to General Queries

  • Are fitted wardrobes truly effective in keeping your stuff organized?

The answer to this question is yes. Fitted wardrobes are extremely helpful in organizing your clothes without the wardrobe taking too much space than is necessary. Fitted wardrobes have different compartments that help you keep clothes, jewellery, and other things using highly organized methods.

Amazingly, fitted bedrooms also have some lifestyle benefits. With fitted wardrobes, you’ll find that your life is more organized as you know exactly where what is. This is therapeutic and helps you feel less fretful especially when you need to dress up quickly.

You’ll also look and feel better as you’ll be able to instantly combine your outfit since they’re already well organized. And there’s the extra advantage of loving your closet because it’ll always be stunningly beautiful to look at.

  • Why install a fitted wardrobe instead of just buying one at the store?

Store-bought wardrobes are not at all the same as fitted wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes are “custom-made” into your available space so expertly that they don’t take up any extra space than they ought to. Fitted wardrobes are also designed according to your specifications. You aren’t likely to find these benefits in store-bought wardrobes.

  • What areas do you cover as part of your fitted wardrobe services?

We travel anywhere within Greater London. Just give us that call and our team will be happy to help 🙂

  • Can I get a fitted wardrobe in a small house?

Yes, you can. Whether you own a small or large space, fitted wardrobes will be installed with your available space in mind. For your small house, your wardrobe will be strategically installed such that you’ll lose no space.

  • Is your furniture manufactured in the UK?

Yes, they are. All the materials we use are highly durable and this is another advantage of getting a fitted wardrobe over a store bought one.

  • Can I get a quote online or over the phone?

You can get a quote online for sure but note that it’ll most likely be an estimate. To be exactly sure of how much you need to install your wardrobe, please schedule our 100% free design visit.

  • How do I contact you?

Contact us via email at Or phone us today on 0808 175 0796. You can also visit us: The London Fitted Wardrobes, Brook Centre, 16 Stamford Brook Avenue, London, W6 0YD.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

FAQ with regards to design, installation, supply & fitting

  • How quickly will I get my wardrobe done after I’ve called you in?

Once we are certain of your design needs and you have placed your order, we’ll schedule an install within 72 hours on average. We believe in fast services and will keep you updated throughout the installation process.

  • What if my ceiling is awkward?

We love awkward ceilings! They help us bring out our creative skills and show you just what we can do. If you have an awkward ceiling, we’re going to follow the awkward designs to make something practical and beautiful. The awkward ceiling is one of our best-rated fitted wardrobe services.

  • Is it true that some designs are pricier than others?

Definitely. The size and design of your wardrobe will surely have an impact on the price.

  • Can I renovate an old wardrobe?

Yes, you can as long as the materials are still intact. Damaged materials, however, will mean that you’ll have to install a new wardrobe.

Was there any question you had in mind that wasn’t covered in these FAQs? Then it’s time to give us a call! Call us today on 0808 175 0796 to find out directly from us the answer to any questions you may have about fitted wardrobes in London. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and giving you a full consultation about your wardrobe needs at no cost to you.


The London Fitted Wardrobes