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Fitted Wardrobes London Price Guide

Fitted wardrobes are generally the best choice for most people that are looking to organize their personal spaces. This is because they help you use space very efficiently in your home and give you a very beautiful interior.

There’s a full guide on how much we charge for making your fitted wardrobes. You’ll also find out how long it typically takes us to finish the installation.

The benefits of fitted wardrobes and the pros and cons of the DIY approach will also be discussed. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our hotline: 0808 175 0796.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

How Much Do Fitted Wardrobes Cost?

Durable fitted wardrobes are always more expensive than standard out of the box Ikea wardrobes. That’s because they’re permanent, custom made and they can add value to your property. Reaching professional installation companies to create any of these will usually cost you a little, but it is often worthwhile.

There are ways to avoid wasting costs on your custom fitted wardrobes prices. Comparing quotes from different companies across London can help you save 30% (sometimes even more).

Carefully compare quotes and you will find that we give one of the most, if not the most competitive fitted bedroom prices of all. And this we do without compromising the standard of your design.

Different designs attract different fitted wardrobe costs, so depending on the dimensions of your wardrobe and its design, your cost will either reduce or increase. Taking the DIY approach also has its benefits and might be better for you if you’re on a very strict budget.

Read on to see whether the DIY method will work for you or not.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

Taking the DIY Approach with Fitted Wardrobes

The truth is that the DIY approach can work for a few people in making fitted wardrobes. But it doesn’t work for everyone. Before you confidently start a wardrobe DIY project, you ought to be an experienced DIY-er.

Custom wardrobes require precision and expertise to piece together. If you do not have the appropriate level of expertise, you’ll find yourself dissatisfied with the end result and most likely wish you didn’t attempt it at all. So, it goes without saying that you should only use the DIY method if you have prior experience doing so. That said, there are benefits to using the DIY method.


  • Cost-Effective

Saving costs is generally a good reason to use the DIY approach. You can eliminate the costs of hiring professionals for the job.

All you’ll have to do is get the required materials for your custom wardrobes with the right measurements, and as long as you know your way around the craft, you can start building.

  • Free Consultation

Wardrobe fitting companies offer a free consultation when you ask them over. You can use their specifications and advice to draw out your wardrobe plan. This will cost you nothing.

  • Control of Design

Taking the DIY approach means you have complete control over the size and design of your wardrobe. You’d be able to construct your wardrobe just the way you want it, complete with any extra frills and thrills you desire.

You can request a quote from us by filling out our Quote Request Form.


  • Lack of Required Expertise

Without a doubt, constructing fitted wardrobes is easier said than done. It requires expertise to get this together. You might not have the technical know-how to make a wardrobe that’d be well constructed.

No matter how much you desire to use the DIY method, it’s not advisable if you do not know how to do it. It would be best for you to just get the services of an expert.

  • You may not have the Time

For professionals, installing fitted wardrobes will be done quickly and nicely. For DIY, however, it takes an extended time.

You may not have the luxury of time, particularly if the demands on your time from your other commitments are great. As a result, you might find that the project is getting dragged out and eventually it might not get done.

  • It may turn out to be costly eventually

DIY work can often lead to more expensive pricing than professional work. This is because, with quality work, you’d pay only once. But with DIY work, you might end up paying more because of small error corrections and misaligned measurments. This may then lead to hiring a professional to correct things which in turn can be more expensive.

  • It may be impossible to realize the right Finish

Depending on the sort of fitted wardrobe you would like, it’s going to be impossible to do the professional finishing touches by yourself.

Should I Take the DIY Approach?

It’s really up to you. Considering the pros and cons, we advise that you do not, especially if you are not a DIY-er. Fitted wardrobes aren’t precisely the projects for beginners in DIY. Call us now on 0808 175 0796 to assist you to piece your wardrobe together.

If you’re confident in your skills, however, going the DIY route can be a lot of fun.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

Types of Wardrobes & Fitted Wardrobes Prices

Before choosing the type of custom wardrobe you want, it’s important to consider certain factors. Some of them are; the available space in your home, the type of finishing you want, your budget, etc. Here are the fitted wardrobes that we produce and their prices.

  • Sliding Doors Fitted Wardrobe

The design of this wardrobe is minimalist and quite appealing. It comes with three doors and mirrors that make your room look bigger. It costs between £2400 to £2900.

  • Six Doors Wide Closet

This wardrobe has a grand and imposing look, and it is tailor-made for large rooms.

The standard size is 3800mm, and the price usually starts from £4900.

  • Two Section Custom-Built Closet

The price of this cute wardrobe usually begins from £3100. It is best for small, compact rooms and also has a minimalist design.

  • Three Doors Fitted Wardrobe with extra Features

This wardrobe comes with extra features like drawers, columns, or pelmet. So, you should prepare for your budget to be between £2400 and £2900. This wardrobe can be as complex as you want.


Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes have become kind of an obsession for people since they first arrived on the market. This is generally because they are both sleek and practical. This combination is basically irresistible, and this is why fitted wardrobes are still very much in demand.

The following are the benefits of having fitted wardrobes in your home.

  • Freedom to Personalize your Personal Space

The practicality of use for fitted wardrobes is that they help you create your space and make it look the exact way you want.

  • Eliminate Cluttered Look

Cluttered rooms are unattractive. With these wardrobes, you’ll have a wonderfully organized space and achieve a comfy setting. Organize your things in sections to make it easier to search for them.

  • They are Permanent and sturdy

Fitted wardrobes, when well constructed can last for several years while not having the need for repairs or upgrading.

  • They are Aesthetically Pleasing

They simply are grand and exquisite, and they make your room look cosy and expensive.

  • They can be customized according to your needs

You can customize them the way you wish. Choose your finish, colour, details, shape, and size. The ball is completely in your court.

  • They add Value to Your Property

This is an enormous plus. Fitted wardrobes increase the worth of your property. They’re smart investments to make.

  • They are Space Efficient

In addition to all or any of these benefits, fitted wardrobes are space-efficient. No matter the size of your room, they’ll slot in no end other furniture from coming in.

How Long Does it Take to Install Fitted Wardrobes?

The time it takes to put in your wardrobe depends vastly on the complexity of the project. If it is a standard wardrobe (simple, with mirrors), it takes some hours. More complex ones take longer.

Using DIY also elongates the time. The symmetry of your space also will affect the duration. If the ground to the ceiling isn’t level, it’ll take some longer.

Simple Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

If you are looking for a customary wardrobe with sliding doors and zip more, it is installed within three hours.

Installation that has End to finish Panel

An end to finish panel, or from wall to finish panel will take more hours to construct. Sitting, sizing, test running, and then on are important steps and these will take about an extra two hours with the time it takes to put in simpler wardrobes.

Extra Detailed wardrobes

These are those that consume the most time. Usually, half each day to a full day is enough. If you wish to place lighting within the interiors, add frame, pelmet, drawers then on, you’ll have to factor the time in.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

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