Fitted Wardrobes Over Bed

Fitted Wardrobes Over Bed

Over the bed wardrobes are not a new fad. They are one of the most economical and space-efficient methods of storage in the bedroom.

With a custom-built fitted wardrobe over the bed, you can have as many compartments in as many form factors as you like. What’s more, these wardrobes don’t look alien. In fact, they integrate seamlessly as they are built specifically to “slot” into the space above your bed.

Why should bedroom furniture stop at a bed, bedside table, a lamp, and a dressing table? Especially when you have such an ingenious way to make your bedroom look remarkably posher while creating additional storage space?

Let’s learn more about fitted wardrobes over the bed and why are they the very best.


Fitted Wardrobes Over The Bed

How much do fitted wardrobes over bed cost?

Fitted wardrobes over bed prices range from £2000 to £4500 for a large one. The price you pay for convenience surely depends on how much of it you are getting.

Our budget-friendly rates are sure to surprise you, however. All the same convenience at a remarkable price!

Custom-made luxury wardrobes from The London Fitted Wardrobes come with fixed and competitive pricing. There is a reason why customers have voted us #1! With us, you have a fully insured and friendly team to take care of all your requirements.

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Fitted Wardrobes Over The Bed

Benefits of fitted wardrobes over bed

A fitted wardrobe fills up a pre-designated area beautifully and integrates with your home seamlessly. They slot into existing space, rather finishing your home in a way than to be an extra burden on it. This space efficiency is highly warranted in smaller homes, while it simply looks beautiful in larger ones.

The primary benefit of a fitted wardrobe over bed is the massive amount of storage space. As you are not really replacing a typical wardrobe with a fitted one, other benefits of fitted wardrobes, in general, do not apply.

For example, a fitted wardrobe helps you save space as compared to a typical standing wardrobe. That is not the case here, as there are no readymade or hanging wardrobe products to use over the bed.

Still, fitted wardrobes, in general, are a very cost-effective and luxurious element to any household, including its bedroom. Not only do they seamlessly integrate with your home, but they also have a beautiful and premium look about them.

And what’s more, they do all this while being amazingly good at holding a lot of stuff for you – stuff that you can easily access within your bedroom without having to clutter it!

Generally, the stuff that you put inside a wardrobe over the bed is not something you need on a daily basis. As such, these wardrobes can double as a hider, sort of, of the non-essentials while adding a luxurious element to your bedroom.

It’s a double-win situation.


Fitted Wardrobes Over The Bed

How long does it take to install fitted wardrobes over bed?

Fitted wardrobes over bed can take anywhere from a couple of hours to half a day for installation. The total time taken largely depends on the complexity of the project. Fitted wardrobes over the bed are also a little more difficult to set up and install than more grounded furniture for obvious reasons.

Once you have decided on the form factor and other details, you should be able to get an estimated time for its installation from the seller.

Nevertheless, some scenarios can definitely complicate a fitted wardrobe installation. Most notably, an uneven ceiling, such as beams protruding or other furniture as well as decorations blocking space, can hamper the installation the most.

It is important to clear the area where the over bed wardrobe will be installed. But it is not possible in every scenario as each house is built differently. For this reason, we highly recommend you only go with a team that has exceptional experience in tackling complex situations – experience that can only come from years of work in the field.

Fitted wardrobes over bed – FAQ

Let us go over the answers to a few common questions homeowners typically have regarding fitted wardrobes over bed.

Where should the wardrobe be in my bedroom?

A lot of homeowners tend to think that they can play around with the positioning of the ceiling-based bedroom wardrobe. Well, sorry to shatter your hopes. There is only one place that is legitimate for the placement of an overhead wardrobe in the bedroom – and that place is, you guessed it, right on top of your bed!

The wardrobe with all its contents should in fact be right on top of your head when you sleep. Don’t worry, it won’t fall!

Are they any problems with fitted wardrobes over my bed?

Yes, there is one problem that you should be aware of. Mould can easily grow in these pockets. Being nearly always closed, fitted wardrobes over bed make the space inside them unventilated. This leads to mildew and mould growth arising from moisture.

You can easily get rid of this damp by moisture-absorbing products in the compartments. Alternatively, a new coat of mould-resistant paint will also suffice before you install the wardrobe.


Fitted Wardrobes Over The Bed

Fitted wardrobes over bed – Buying guide

Fitted modern over bed wardrobes should be purchased from reputable buyers to ensure quality and finesse. The wardrobe over bed is a functional product, yes, but it is also a decorative, almost luxury element in the bedroom.

Consequently, it makes sense to only go for a premium finish.

Besides, you don’t want the wardrobe to give in after a few years. Going for cheaper options will certainly do that. Here at The London Fitted Wardrobes, we provide high-quality craftsmanship, industrial production values, and professional installation.

You simply cannot go wrong with us!

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