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At London Fitted Wardrobes we pride ourselves on our unparalleled high quality of fitted wardrobe service and the ability to deliver stunningly beautiful custom wardrobes.

We’re aware of your desire to get fitted bedrooms that are not just practical, but also a sight to behold. That’s why we have painstakingly built our company on the tenets of integrity and expert craftsmanship.

In this section, we explained the various services that we offer when it comes to fitted wardrobes in London and we look forward to receiving your calls and enquiries about any of them.


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Fitted Wardrobes London Services We Provide

The services that we provide at our Fitted Wardrobe London Company are discussed below. Please be reminded that for each one of these services that we offer, there are no hidden charges and we always deliver as promised.

Our craftsmen are specially trained to handle all kinds of custom designs and fit your wardrobes into just about any kind of ceiling you may have. We’re well equipped to handle your special requirements whether you’re looking to create an entirely new fitted wardrobe or you want to renovate an old one.

We also install bookcases in your living room as well as exquisite cabinets and drawers in any part of your home that you want them in. In a nutshell, if you have a space that you want to convert for efficient storage such as understairs or corners in your house, we’ve got you covered.

As professionals who are up to date with all the latest designs, you’re going to get the best wardrobe in the category of your order. Our friendly team will also cheerfully answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for your fitted wardrobes.


The London Fitted Wardrobes


Service 1: Hinged Wardrobes

There are many reasons why hinged wardrobes are still appealing to many people today. Despite being one of the most common designs for fitted wardrobes, they’re still loved for their simplicity, space efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

If you have an angular ceiling or staircase space, you’re going to appreciate having a hinged wardrobe installed there. The doors of hinged wardrobe can become multipurpose as long as you’re ready to get restive with them. You can hang your mirror, sticky notes, to-do list, and even a few mementos there. It’ll be fun!

Hinged wardrobes open and close easily and come with locks that are easy to use. Your valuables can be organized and shielded away inside a hinged wardrobe since it usually has different compartments for keeping stuff. The doors of a hinged wardrobe, though open outside the wardrobe, doesn’t take any unnecessary space and when you’re done, you can easily close it and gain your space back.

Perhaps, a special feature of hinged wardrobes that make them really cool is how you can view the entire content in them at once when you open them. This means that you will be able to quickly find what you’re looking for and pick out your desired attire. The time efficiency is truly appealing and important especially for busy folks. Without having to turn your closet upside down, you’ll be able to make a selection of clothes for work or for a fun outing quickly and without stress.

We can install beautiful hinged wardrobes for you that will be crafted out of highly durable materials and will confer glamor to your bedroom. The various designs that hinged wardrobes come in are versatile and easy to tweak. The two-section custom closet is relatively simple In design compared to a large six doors hinged wardrobe. But whichever one you choose, the point of it all is that it will serve you for a long time and will beautify your space satisfactorily.

Service 2: Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are stylish and even more efficient at managing space in your fitted bedroom. The doors of sliding wardrobes don’t stand on hinges unlike hinged wardrobes. Rather, what you have are horizontally sliding doors that are really sleek and easy to use.

Many people have asked the question “Why should I get a sliding wardrobe?” Well, for one, they’re not the regular, traditional kinds of wardrobes. Another reason why you may want to consider them is because of their perceived worth which helps them add to the value of your home. That means if you plan to sell your property in future, sliding doors are a great way to help the property increase in value.

Their versatility is also a reason to consider installing them. The sliding doors can be installed with mirrors which help to make your room look bigger, feel more aerated, and brighter. Therefore, they also play a big role in interior decoration that can appeal to you if you’ve been looking for a hack to make your small space feel wider.

Your sliding wardrobe can have two to four doors as you desire and they come in various designs and finishes that you can choose from. If your goal is to manage space in.the sleekest way possible, and at the same time own an efficient storage for your precious clothings, sliding wardrobes are the way to go.

We’re available all through the week to take your call on 0808 175 0796 and we’ll be delighted to come take a look at your space for free in order to discuss the best wardrobe for you.

Service 3: TV Units & Bookcases

Bookcases are needed in every home to hold your collection of favorite books. They have continued to evolve in style and these days, if you can imagine the design, then you can surely get it done. Our job is to bring the bookcase of your dream to reality, whichever style you want it. Quit stacking your books on the floor or overloading the dinner table and call us today today to get you a beautiful bookcase.

Depending on the type of house you have, bookcases also come in a wide variety of styles. There’s the standard bookcase that comes with horizontal shelving suitable for holding your books neatly. But if the traditional bookcase is not your cup of tea, there are exotic, asymmetric designs like the leaning bookcase which will not just hold stuff, but add some awe to your home.

TV units are also important for holding your TV and entertainment equipment as neatly and beautifully as possible. With our excellent designs and finishes, your TV unit will become the center of attention for your visitors and your family will enjoy huddling up in the evenings to enjoy some family time in front of the unit.

Both TV units and bookcases are easy to maintain and when made with durable materials, can last for a very long time. Your bookcase can come with glass doors to protect your books from dust and locks to help you hide away your rare and most personal collection. These fittings add a lot more value to your home than when they’re not present and when you order them from us, you can be sure of quality all the way.

Service 4: Under Stair Storage

Your understairs are a great deal of space that you must not waste for any reason. We know that it’s very easy to turn them into a dumping ground for old electronics or shoes, but you mustn’t let this happen to you. Know why?

We can turn your understairs to a centre of attraction in your home by installing anything there from a mini bar to a reading nook. Maybe an invisible wardrobe is even something you would want. Book shelves and bookcases can adorn your under stair space as well as drawers, wine cellars, and even a dog kennel!

There’s no end to the kind of fitting you can install in this unique space. If you already have something in mind, give us a call today to discuss it. If you’re not sure what to put there, still give us a call and you’ll be surprised at the number of ideas we have for you. It all boils down to one thing: That space is too precious to be wasted!

Service 5: Sloping Ceilings Wardrobes

Don’t let awkward ceilings scare you. They’re actually one of the best things that can happen to your home! Your wardrobe will be far from looking traditional or regular when your ceilings are already all awkward, just waiting for the talented craftsman that will turn them into a cherished flaw.

Your fitted wardrobe project can now take on the design of the ceiling because we will follow the awkwardness to craft a masterpiece. They will add interesting angles to your fitted wardrobes without taking up extra space or wasting the available space. From wall to wall and floor to floor, we are adept at following the slants and slopes to take advantage of every single space available and make them useful for you.

As usual, our fitted bedroom services are affordable and cost effective, and we will give you exactly what suits your home, making you happy and satisfied at the end of the project.

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Do you need something else in the custom wardrobe department apart from these ones we have discussed? Phone us today and we may just be able to help you with it. It’s our delight to give you lovely deliveries ranging from small to large custom wardrobes and cabinets.

Even if you’re not sure of what kind of wardrobe or cabinet it is that you need, still give us a call on 0808 175 0796. To find out an estimated price for your project, fill out our quick quote request form.

Whether you already have it all planned or not, our team will be more than happy to give you pointers and ideas on what to do with your space. We’ll look forward to hearing from you at The London Fitted Wardrobes.


The London Fitted Wardrobes