Fitted Wardrobes About Us

Fitted Wardrobes About Us

We offer top-notch wardrobe fitting services, and this singles us out as a brand to be reckoned with. The London Fitted Wardrobes focuses on all aspects of furnishing projects within the residential market and executes them uniquely. We offer custom wardrobes that will give your fitted room the best appearance while maxmising storage space.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

Who We Are

The London Fitted Wardrobes is a family-run company, and we are specialists at wardrobe fitting. Our goal is to create a beautiful and orderly home for you. With the utilization of the simplest quality building materials, we construct fixtures that add value and elegance to your property.

Our specialties are in:

  • Custom-made wardrobes

These are made up of wood and have classic finishes. We have different designs of fitted wardrobes that you simply can’t resist. They’re customizable with shoe racks, bookspaces, curtains, drawers, mirrors, lights, and so on. So, there isn’t any limit to what you can achieve with custom wardrobes.

  • Walk-in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are a delight to possess. You’ll experience this for yourself once you place an order for one. Use entire walls to form an imposing wardrobe in your master’s bedroom.

  • Six Doors Wide Closets

This wardrobe contains a grand and imposing look, and it’s tailor made for giant rooms. Looking to give your room that royal and classy feel? Then this wardrobe is exactly what you should be looking at.

We are specialists in building this kind of wardrobe, and you also may have a range of customization features to decide on from.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

Our Industry Experience

We have over 10 years of experience in making fitted wardrobes and other fittings around the home. This provides us with plenty of leverage when taking your order as our customer.

We have worked on different sorts of designs under different circumstances in the past. We also know the way to manage space and advise you on the most effective design for each space. Whatever your needs are, we are able to provide you with useful ideas.

We even have a portfolio to prove it. To check an array of our works, click here. You’ll be able to see our works in kitchen furniture, fitted wardrobes, dressing rooms, etc.

Our happy customers are proof of the standard work we deliver from time to time. We are a customer-focused brand with affordable pricing. Once you are a customer, you become a priority.

At the London Fitted Wardrobes, our staff are qualified craftsmen and a team that will provide you with top quality fitted wardrobes at the most effective price ever! Don’t hesitate to phone us for all of your fitted wardrobe needs. Here’s our number: 0808 175 0796.


The London Fitted Wardrobes


Our Craftsmanship

Our highly skilled team is experienced in making the following fittings;

  • Custom Wardrobes of assorted Designs

We construct different fitted wardrobes. Whether you want a door fitted wardrobe or a six-door wide closet, we are able to build it. We are also able to construct three doors fitted wardrobes with extra details and two-section custom-built closets. Whatever your wardrobe needs are, we are able to build it.

  • Kitchen Furniture

Cooking is a more enjoyable experience if you have everything in the right place. Prevent accidents and slip-ups with our beautiful kitchen furniture. We include a welcoming design and provide you with anything from stone worktops to glass designs.

  • Doors

Wow your visitors with our custom doors that are designed to make a statement. We make traditional and modern doors with secure and well-fitted hinges. We are going to make your doors both practical and chic.

  • Built-in Furniture that’s Practical and Sleek

This can be a bookcase. It also can be a cupboard. We make bookcases that help you to prepare your library reception in a wide range of dimensions. Our top-end finishing will provide you with something to be happy with.

  • Cabinets

We build fitted cabinets that are made to last. With quality materials, we put together beautiful custom-made cabinets which will beautify your space.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

Our Wardrobe Fitting Process

Our work process is extremely organized. We ensure that we do not put any burden on you throughout the process from receiving your order to finally installing your fitted wardrobe. Our communication lines are always open in order that you’ll reach us at any time.

Here’s a step by step explanation of the way to get your fixtures made and installed by the London Fitted Wardrobe company.

  • Fill Quotation Form or Call us

The first step is to fill out our quotation or price request form. There, you’ll describe what you would like so we are able to get back to you with precise information. The clearer you’re in your inquiries, the better we are able to respond.

Alternatively, you’ll place a call through our line: 0808 175 0796. Our team will answer you promptly and provides you with all the knowledge you need.

  • Receive Price Estimate

Having listened to the main points of what you would like, we are going to give you the price estimate. This will be based on the sort of fitted wardrobe or the other fixture that you want.

  • Schedule Consultation

We will then schedule a free consultation also referred to as a design visit with you. We are going to visit you and have a glance at your interiors to get a clearer view of your requirements.

Here, we’ll offer you helpful suggestions that may make your chosen design even more unique.

  • Fitting and Completion

This is the last stage. We’ll construct your fitted wardrobe and install it in your home in line with what we agreed upon. We also offer after-care support just in case you have got to report an issue after the installation is over.

Our Core Values

As an organization with a deep concern for our customers, everything we do is to enhance the standard of services we provide. These are our core values:

  • A Friendly and Helpful Team

A friendly and helpful team is at the top of the list for us. Being attentive to your concern and providing a precise answer is what we strive for.

  • Customer-focused Brand

We are always customer-focused. We do our greatest to satisfy your requirements and address all of your concerns.

  • Attention to Detail

We are a company that pays attention to detail. We offer you fitted wardrobes and fitted bedrooms whose details are finely finished. Every feature that you need is placed in without missing a thing.

  • Quality Work

Quality is the language that we speak. We believe in delivering only durable finished products which will cause you no concerns.

  • Fast and Clear Communication

Whenever you would like to reach us, we’re available. You’ll send us an email through or phone us on 0808 175 0796.

  • After-Sale Service

After the installation is finished, we schedule an after-sale service, to make sure everything is fitted according to your requirements and fix any issues that may arise after the installation process.


The London Fitted Wardrobes

You Can Check for Yourself

The London Fitted Wardrobe company is asking you to test out our claims for yourself by booking our services. Our work will satisfy you because we’ll concentrate on each detail.

From custom wardrobes to doors that make an announcement, we are your go-to craftsmen. We work with accuracy and precision, and we are always happy to listen to you. We deliver exactly what we promise you.

The London Fitted Wardrobe company
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