Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

Fitted sliding wardrobes are truly the best kind of wardrobes any household can have. They are fitted and they are sliding: giving you the benefits usually associated with both. This means that you are saving space by not going for a hinged door as well as improving aesthetics thanks to a fitted system rather than a free-standing wardrobe.


Fitted Sliding Wardrobes London

How much do fitted sliding wardrobes cost?

Fitted wardrobes can cost anywhere from £2500 to £3500. The cost largely depends on their size and the material used. It is also not rare for some high-end wardrobes to go as high as £4000. Here at The London Fitted Wardrobes, we keep things simple and allow you choose as per your budget.

Our sliding doors fitted wardrobe starts from £2400 and ranges up to £2900. This includes multiple doors and features. We have many options for you, including a stunning two-section custom-built closet featuring an elegant and minimalist design that costs £3100.

If you have bigger requirements then fret not. We have you covered. Our grand six-doors wide closet has an imposing look and works perfectly for larger rooms. This will cost you £4900.

As a rule of thumb, fitted sliding wardrobes can cost on average £2500 – £3100.


Fitted Sliding Wardrobes London

Benefits of fitted sliding wardrobes

Why go for fitted sliding wardrobes? Well, the answer is simple, really.

A fitted sliding wardrobe provides ample advantages over readymade standing wardrobes and separate closets. Let’s have a look at a few of the key advantages.

  • Fitted sliding wardrobes allow you to use space more effectively and economically. A standing wardrobe is not custom-made for the space you have, meaning it won’t be aesthetically pleasing what with all the gaps.
  • Cluttered spaces are repulsive. A fitted sliding wardrobe is minimalist. When it’s closed, it’s like a part of the wall. Also, a sliding wardrobe doesn’t give the cluttered look of opened hinged-door closets and wardrobes, while also helping you maximize the usage of your space economically.
  • Permanence is an inherent benefit of custom-made fitted sliding wardrobes. They are permanent and durable, ready to stand the test of time. The majority of fitted sliding wardrobes also do not require maintenance or repairs for years. Upgrading is also something you can avoid if you go with a fitted sliding wardrobe.
  • They transform any space into a luxurious, expensive, and cosy place to be in. The mere company of a grand, magnificent fitted sliding wardrobe is magnetic enough for onlookers to be impressed.
  • They have a lot of scope for customization. In fact, you can get your fitted sliding wardrobe made completely as per your requirements. The many racks and compartments, as well as any other features such as lockers, can be incorporated seamlessly into one product, which is in turn seamlessly a part of your home.
  • Fitted wardrobes are a type of permanent furniture that is embedded into the home. Consequently, they will increase the value of your property. In many ways, fitted sliding wardrobes are actually a smart investment to improve the value of your home.

A fitted sliding wardrobe is more like extending your home or improving it than it is about buying something to stuff your clothes in.


Fitted Sliding Wardrobes London

How long does it take to install fitted sliding wardrobes?

This predominantly depends on the supplier you are going with as well as the form factor of the wardrobe. A fairly simple fitted sliding wardrobe can be set up in a couple of hours.

More complex projects, such as ones with uneven ceilings or other obstacles, can take remarkably longer. Mirrored sliding fitted wardrobes are pretty common and don’t take up more than several hours.

Each project has to take a lot into account. If it’s a new and unfurnished home then chances are the wardrobe will embed quickly.

But if there are other objects or other construction artifacts blocking the designated area then we are looking at a few more hours just to patch up some rough edges for a seamless entry and installation of your fitted sliding wardrobe.


Fitted Sliding Wardrobes London

Fitted sliding wardrobes – FAQs

Can I make my own fitted sliding wardrobe?

Yes! Going the DIY route often helps you save costs. But more often than not, homeowners tend to underestimate the installation of a sliding wardrobe.

It is not rare for DIY sliding wardrobe projects to take significantly more time than usual – mainly due to the lack of experience and the right tools. It is also possible that you will run out of budget, won’t be able to exactly realize the finish you wanted, or to simply lose motivation seeing the end product.

Are fitted sliding wardrobes more efficient in storage?

Fitted sliding wardrobes are custom-made for your requirements. As such, it is highly likely that they are distinctly more space-efficient to store and manage clothes, shoes, belts, and other accessories.

Features of fitted sliding wardrobes

Different fitted sliding wardrobes have different features. You can get them made as per your requirements. These features can include mirrors, lockers, undergarment drawers, shoe storage, bags storage, lighting accessories, and so on.

In fact, anything that you can think of in a normal wardrobe can also be done, oftentimes better, in a custom-made fitted sliding wardrobe.

You can also do creative layouts and compartmentalization when it comes to fitted sliding wardrobes.


Fitted Sliding Wardrobes London

Fitted sliding wardrobes – Buying guide

When you are buying a fitted sliding wardrobe, make sure that you have settled on the right manufacturer. It makes sense to go with a cheaper option, but quality is something you cannot compromise on.

A good fitted sliding wardrobe will be a grand presence in your home. Make your buying decision carefully and go with professionals.

Tell them your exact requirements as well as the features you generally like. They will be able to offer a quotation as per those.

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