Corner Fitted Wardrobe

Corner Fitted Wardrobe

Corner fitted wardrobes are a great way to maximize space efficiency and add some much-needed storage space in the corners of your home. They are an ingenious way to kill two birds with one stone.

A corner fitted wardrobe or cupboard will not only make the space look more attractive, but also double as a convenient storage unit that embeds nicely into a pre-designed space in your home, without being clunky or looking out-of-place.


Corner Fitted Wardrobes

Are corner wardrobes a good idea?

Fitted wardrobes corner units are a very good idea. It is not a secret that corners in a home are criminally underutilized. This is all the truer in the case of bedrooms. Furniture that generally goes into corners, in case you do happen to wish to utilize these spaces, often ends up being aesthetically poor, space-inefficient, or simply wrong to look at.

Standard wardrobes or cupboards won’t fit precisely into the form factor of your corner. This means you are leaving unusable space behind or around. These gaps are not pretty, let’s face it. A custom-built fitted corner wardrobe solves this problem better than anything else.

Corner wardrobes are always a good idea – a little something we cannot really say regarding just about any piece of furniture regardless of its expensiveness.


Corner Fitted Wardrobes

Do corner wardrobes save space?

Fitted sliding wardrobes save space very well. They slot into an existing unused space or space that will be poorly used with gaps if you place a drawer chest or a standing wardrobe there. They are bespoke and designed to fit into the specific corner they are meant for.

This maximizes space efficiency. In fact, this is the #1 reason why city-dwellers choose to get corner wardrobes in their flats.

But even if you live in a sprawling bungalow, a corner wardrobe will still be a better pick because they gel more nicely with your home, have a premium feel about them, and end up increasing the value of your property.


Corner Fitted Wardrobes

How to choose a corner wardrobe?

Choosing a corner wardrobe is fairly easy. There are four steps: Determining the available space, the budget, the required style, and the internal compartmentalization.

The available space and your budget are no-brainers. Most likely you already know both. As for the required style, we cover that in the next section. Lastly, internal compartmentalization is something that might require some brain-racking.

More often than not, just telling the seller about the usual stuff you will be putting inside or even your detailed requirement will be more than sufficient for them to help you out. You can also choose from their existing designs.

Which style and design of a corner cupboard are best for me?

A corner fitted wardrobe can come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some examples:

Cabinets with glass front, two-door cabinets, mirrored corner wardrobes, double-door corner wardrobes, wardrobes with internal shelves and hanging rails, traditional-look corner wardrobes, modern and minimalist wardrobes, contemporarily-designed corner wardrobes, and so on.

Choosing a corner wardrobe depends on the area available and your preferences. Your preferences can be, in turn, influenced by how the rest of your home is designed or the type of furniture that the corner wardrobe will be accompanying.

Benefits of using a corner wardrobe

The benefits of using a corner wardrobe are many.

  • Do you save room space? Yes.
  • Do you get space-efficient storage? Yes
  • Wait, you also get to make it as per your requirements? You bet.
  • What! It also looks premium and integrates so beautifully into my home! Exactly.

As a fitted corner wardrobe “slots” into a corner space, it still leaves plenty of space to put your dressing table, lamp table, drawer chests, and more while also keeping the room obstacle-free for moving or rearranging your bed.

Inbuilt shelves and compartments as per your needs make these fitted corner wardrobes an amazing storage feature.


Corner Fitted Wardrobes

Corner wardrobe solutions

Corner wardrobe solutions that fit into a space that would otherwise be empty are the best solutions to efficient space management.

Choose from a large selection of storage solutions to smartly utilize every inch of your room or get the most stylish and premium unit crafted for pure looks – the possibilities are many.

Corner wardrobe solutions from reputed sellers are also high-quality and durable. They will most likely outlast any free-standing furniture such as wardrobe units.

Whenever you choose to go for a corner fitted wardrobe, make sure that you understand the cost implications. Corner wardrobe solutions are largely bespoke furniture installations. As such, it is quite probable that the seller will quote you remarkably high if you happen to add in more requirements.

Corner wardrobe – FAQs

Let’s have a look at some common questions that you might have regarding fitted corner wardrobes.

What’s the corner fitted wardrobe cost that I am looking at?

The majority of corner fitted wardrobes range between £500 and £1000. Glass-fitted ones usually tend to cost more. More complex, elaborate, and larger ones can even end up costing upward of £3000 in many cases.

Why should I go for a corner fitted wardrobe if I don’t have space utilization requirements?

Fitted wardrobes add value to your home and corner fitted wardrobes are no exception. When designed and fitted correctly, they also make your room look more premium. So, even if you don’t have a space requirement, a corner fitted wardrobe still works as a functional furniture unit.

The only circumstance where a corner fitted wardrobe is not recommended is when you don’t have any storage requirement and you would rather keep a corner empty for any reason.


Corner Fitted Wardrobes

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